About BAAS

The Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society is the publication for science meeting abstracts, obituaries, commentary articles about the discipline, and white papers of broad interest to our community.

Background and Introduction

The Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society (BAAS) was established in 1969 mainly as a vehicle for the publication of abstracts of the Society’s scientific meetings. It has continued in that role since then, while additional content was added. This additional content included obituaries, observatory reports, and articles about the discipline, mainly of a statistical or analytical nature. Of this additional content, the articles and observatory reports were discontinued, as interest in this content dropped over time. The observatory reports declined due to the rise of the Internet (departmental and institutional information could be shared directly).

The Society maintains an ISSN for the BAAS, although no physical print publication currently is created.

The BAAS will serve as an important part of an expanded AAS portfolio of publications. In addition to publishing articles about the discipline, we seek to define the BAAS as the publication of choice for white papers, commentary papers and mission/instrument concept and white papers from Astro 2020. The BAAS is also meant to be a vehicle for community-focused content not specifically presenting research results, such as commentary, opinion, thought pieces, instrument and facility proposals, descriptions and updates, articles about the discipline itself or issues related to the discipline and other content deemed appropriate for publication.