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Regularized DEMs in Python and Helioviewer

Published onAug 18, 2020
Regularized DEMs in Python and Helioviewer

Differential Emission Measures (DEMs) give a measure of the amount of emitting material as a function of temperature in the solar atmosphere and can be recovered from observations at different wavelengths utilising the temperature dependent response functions for these instruments. This type of analysis is usually exploited to obtain insight into solar events on an individual basis but can also be used to get an impression of solar behavior at longer and larger scales. Using a newly developed python version of the regularized inversion method of Hannah & Kontar (2012) we present a database of DEM maps of Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) /Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) data. These maps will join existing solar data as derived data as part of Helioviewer project in the same bytescaled, grayscale, JPEG2000 format. This public synoptic DEM database will allow anybody the ability to take a quick look at the Sun across temperature space which will complement the existing ability of taking quick looks at various wavelengths. We present a rough overview of the process through which these maps are produced (with links to code) as well as examples of the finished product and how the data can be accessed in the future.

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