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The Pan-STARRS search for Near-Earth Objects

Presentation #107.03 in the session “Ground-Based Asteroid Surveys”.

Published onOct 26, 2020
The Pan-STARRS search for Near-Earth Objects

Pan-STARRS began surveying the night sky in 2010, initially conducting a multipurpose survey. Since 2014, Pan-STARRS1 has spent most of its time surveying the night sky for Near-Earth Objects, and has been joined by Pan-STARRS2. Together, these two telescopes now survey much of the available night sky approximately twice each lunation. Pan-STARRS is now the leading survey for discovery of large (diameter > 140 meters) NEOs. The current Pan-STARRS survey will be briefly summarized, and some of the scientific highlights from Pan-STARRS discoveries will also be discussed.

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