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Triple and Quadruple Stellar Systems with Exoplanets: Catalog

Presentation #306.06 in the session “Exoplanets and Systems: Orbital Dynamics 1”.

Published onOct 26, 2020
Triple and Quadruple Stellar Systems with Exoplanets: Catalog

The universe contains a multitude of different stellar system configurations, ranging from single and binary stellar systems all the way up to septuple stellar systems; where only a small percentage of those systems contain exoplanets. The physical parameters of all triple and quadruple stellar systems with known exoplanets (confirmed and candidates) was determined and a comprehensive catalog of these objects was produced. The resulting catalog, based on pre-TESS data, contains a total of 33 systems; where 29 are triple stellar systems and 4 are quadruple stellar systems. We aim to identify potentially habitable planets contained in our catalog. To achieve this, we will apply the Hill stability criterion to evaluate orbital stability of exoplanets’ orbits and extend known binary habitable zone theory to these multi-stellar systems.

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