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The Colorado Io Torus Emission Package 2 (CITEP2)

Presentation #318.04 in the session “lo: Atmosphere and Beyond”.

Published onOct 26, 2020
The Colorado Io Torus Emission Package 2 (CITEP2)

ESA’s JUICE mission and NASA’s Europa Clipper are sending UVS instruments to the Jupiter system that will view the Io plasma torus. In anticipation of these missions we have built a 3D Io plasma torus emission model in order to simulate what we would expect to see from both UVS instruments looking at the Io plasma torus. The Colorado Io Torus Emission Package 2 (CITEP 2) calculates the line of sight given the position of each spatial pixel and pointing of the spacecraft and produces a synthetic spectrum given plasma densities and temperatures along the line of sight using the CHIANTI atomic database (version 9) to compute volume emission rates. We compare our model with Cassini UVIS and Hisaki UV observations of the Io plasma torus. We also couple a 3D model of the physical chemistry to a neutral cloud model, and the local interaction. Output of this model will be a 3D distribution of densities and temperatures for all modeled species. This will then be used as input for CITEP 2 in order to predict what we expect to see when JUICE and Europa Clipper arrive at Jupiter.

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