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Virtually Engaging Audiences in Planetary Science

Presentation #410.03 in the session “Education and Community Engagement 1”.

Published onOct 26, 2020
Virtually Engaging Audiences in Planetary Science

Engaging audiences in planetary science content can be challenging in person. It is even more difficult to have authentic interactions with your audience in a virtual setting. The Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Sharing Planetary Science seminars have included a variety of suggestions and activities to help scientists in their efforts to engage audiences in planetary science. Recent efforts, as well as our own programs, have examined how to engage audiences virtually.

This presentation will include a variety of recommendations, from logistical suggestions regarding cameras and microphones to incorporating features of your meeting platform. We will discuss how to structure your program to prepare participants to interact, and potential activities and demonstrations you can conduct virtually with participants. We will include examples of virtual planetary programs we have conducted with a variety of ages and groups, and share what has worked best and what our evaluations have found.

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