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Handling singularities in meteoroid environment modeling

Presentation #416.01 in the session “Dust and Solar Wind”.

Published onOct 26, 2020
Handling singularities in meteoroid environment modeling

A meteoroid environment model must describe, at a bare minimum, the local density or flux of meteoroids. To accomplish this, many models make use of analytic equations to convert orbital distributions to number density, or to compute the effects of a planet’s gravity on flux and speed. However, these equations often contain singularities that are unrealistic. For instance, the orbit-to-density conversion used by Jones (2006) is unbound at peri- and aphelion, and the gravitational focusing algorithms presented by Staubach et al. (1997) are unbound along the anti-radiant line. We present methods for removing these singularities that result in more realistic descriptions of the meteoroid environment.

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