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MUSTANG2 follow-up observations of galaxy cluster surveys.

Presentation #104.01 in the session “Gas in Galaxy Clusters”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
MUSTANG2 follow-up observations of galaxy cluster surveys.

MUSTANG2 on the Green Bank Telescope is an excellent instrument for probing the intracluster median (ICM) of galaxy clusters. As described in other talks, deep observations can reach noise levels of 12uK per beam (2 uK/arcminute) with sensitivity to angular scales from 9" (the beam) to ~4' (the array size). It is also possible to operate in snapshot mode and, with a few hours on-source, measure the ICM in clusters at moderate to large redshifts. From this it is possible to deduce the mass of clusters, their pressure profiles, put limits on source contamination and look for signs of possible mergers in larger samples of galaxy clusters found by survey instruments. In this talk we will present highlights of some of our recent results.

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