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Mining the Sky for Galaxy Clusters at Low Radio Frequencies

Presentation #104.03 in the session “Gas in Galaxy Clusters”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Mining the Sky for Galaxy Clusters at Low Radio Frequencies

Clusters of galaxies trace the nodes of large-scale structure formation and are thus host to a wide range of dynamical states from relaxed cool core systems through to dynamically complex merging systems. Recent advances in sensitivity and resolution of radio observations at frequencies of 1 GHz and below have allowed us to gain new insight into the large-scale drivers of physical processes occurring within the intracluster medium (ICM). We are detecting previously unknown populations of faint diffuse radio radio emission, including complex radio tails, ultra-steep spectrum radio halos and relics as well as increasing our samples of halos, relics and mini-halos across cluster mass and redshift space. Combining the new broadband radio observations of these sources with millimeter-wave SZ and high resolution X-ray studies has proven to be a powerful tool to improve our understanding of the ICM. I will present an overview of what is being uncovered in recent low frequency radio observations of clusters and highlight new insight into ICM physics driven by those observations.

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