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Automating Superflare Spectroscopy with Evryscope and SOAR

Presentation #124.08 in the session “Stellar Rotation, Variability, and Flares”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Automating Superflare Spectroscopy with Evryscope and SOAR

Superflares from dwarf stars inform our understanding of planetary habitability and stellar activity. However, most spectroscopic studies of short timescale spectral flare evolution have been carried out for a small sample size of known active stars. Those superflares that have been observed with multi-band or spectroscopic coverage show evidence that blackbody temperatures can peak as high as 50,000 K. This has implications for our understanding of planet habitability around cool stars, as well as constraining the spectral evolution of flares. In this poster, I will describe the process of automating superflare spectroscopy with SOAR using triggers from the Evryscope Fast Transient Engine via a dedicated event stream, and automated target acquisition for the Goodman High-Throughput Spectrograph. With this new automation, we will capture spectra of flares as they happen and build the widest-ranging library of cool-star superflare evolution.

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