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Unlocking Your Data Through People-Powered Research with the Zooniverse

Presentation #127.02 in the session “Computation, Data Handling, Image Analysis”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Unlocking Your Data Through People-Powered Research with the Zooniverse

Processing increasingly large datasets poses a bottleneck for producing scientific outcomes. Citizen science - engaging the public in research - provides a solution, particularly when coupled with machine learning. The Zooniverse is the most widely used and successful online citizen science platform, with over 2 million participants worldwide and over 90 active projects across the disciplines. Zooniverse projects have led to hundreds of peer-reviewed publications to date. Faced with a rapidly growing demand for online citizen science projects, Zooniverse launched its free Project Builder platform ( that allows anyone to build their own crowdsourced research project for free, using the Zooniverse infrastructure and tools. Since the Project Builder launch in 2015, the Zooniverse went from building 3-5 custom projects each year to supporting over 50 new Project Builder built Zooniverse projects each year. In this presentation, we’ll showcase the simplicity of the Project Builder interface, the task and project types supported, examples of machine learning integration and combined human/machine workflows, and best practices for engaging the public in your research through Zooniverse. We’ll also showcase the range of projects in astronomy and beyond carried out through Zooniverse and highlight a few key discoveries and results.

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