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Looking for AGN in Dwarf Galaxy Mergers

Presentation #129.04 in the session “Dwarf & Irregular Galaxies”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Looking for AGN in Dwarf Galaxy Mergers

We present AGN candidates and statistics amongst a sample of interacting dwarf galaxies in the TiNy Titans (TNT) survey of dwarf pairs in the local universe. We use multi wavelength diagnostics to assess AGN candidacy, including optical emission spectra, mid-infrared colors from WISE, radio continuum data, and in a subset of cases, X-ray observations. Despite the link between galaxy mergers and AGN fueling in more massive galaxies, we do not find evidence that merging dwarf galaxies host a larger fraction of AGN than their non-merging counterparts. The TNT dwarf pair sample is systematically selected from SDSS and thus allows for estimates of AGN fraction among dwarf galaxy mergers as a population.

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