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Forming Stars in W51 North as Observed by ALMA

Presentation #131.03 in the session “Star Formation on Small-scales”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Forming Stars in W51 North as Observed by ALMA

W51 is a star forming giant molecular cloud. While comparing images taken of W51 North by ALMA at long and short baselines, I looked at not only possible protostars and their surrounding disks, but also the reservoir of gas and dust that surrounds them. This reservoir is the surrounding gas and dust that is accreting onto the star. By subtracting the different resolution images, I was able to isolate the surrounding material and compare the flux in the low-resolution image coming from the protostar and surrounding disk and the flux coming from the surrounding reservoir of material. By knowing how much material is in the surrounding reservoir we can gain insight into the protostar’s potential for future growth.

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