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Molecular Chemistry in the Central Molecular Zone

Presentation #131.06 in the session “Star Formation on Small-scales”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Molecular Chemistry in the Central Molecular Zone

The Central Molecular Zone (CMZ) is known to be molecularly enriched compared to the Disk ISM. Many molecules that are typically only detected in star forming regions of the Galactic Disk, are commonly found in the Galactic Center CMZ (e.g., NH3, HCN). However the cause of this wide-spread enrichment is not well understood. We present high spatial (<1”; 0.04 pc) and spectral (0.5 km/s) resolution ALMA observations targeting a dense CMZ cloud (M0.10-0.08). The observations achieved high sensitivity (2 mJy/beam/channel) and targeted 13 spectral lines. The list of targeted lines includes dense gas tracers (HCN), shock tracers (SiO) and isotopologues (H13CN). We detect 21 unique molecular species (31 line detections). Many of these species have only been previously detected in the star forming complex: Sgr B2. However their presence in a quiescent CMZ cloud, could mean these exotic species form well-before the onset of star formation.

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