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Simulating the instrument performance of the AMEGO mission

Presentation #132.01 in the session “Space-based Instrumentation”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Simulating the instrument performance of the AMEGO mission

The All-Sky Medium Energy Gamma-Ray Observatory (AMEGO) aims to provide high-sensitivity observations of line and continuum emission in the energy range from 200 keV to several GeV. AMEGO will monitor the MeV gamma-ray sky, complementing current and future multi-wavelength and multi-messenger efforts. These observations will support a wide-ranging physics program, including studies of cosmic particle accelerators and element formation in supernovae as well as searches for new physics (and many other topics). AMEGO will detect gamma rays both via Compton interactions and electron-positron pair creation in the same detector.

I will present an overview over recent efforts to study the performance of the AMEGO instrument and optimize its detector layout in simulations, using the MEGAlib framework. This will include studies of the the instrument’s robustness against its detectors and components degrading over time.

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