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Constraining Reionization with High-Redshift Lyman Alpha Emitters

Presentation #135.08 in the session “Intergalactic Medium”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Constraining Reionization with High-Redshift Lyman Alpha Emitters

The epoch of reionization is arguably the least well known of the phase changes of the universe. It is currently the subject of much study, with researchers trying to nail down precisely how it proceeded. One promising avenue to study this question is with the topology of reionization. By studying the angular size of the first reionized bubbles of gas, we may determine what family of galaxies provided the bulk of the ionizing output. High-redshift Lyman Alpha Emitters (LAEs) may be seen only when residing in these ionized bubbles, and so can be treated as tracers of the ionized universe. We are simulating LAEs in a cube 1.6 comoving Gpc on each side at redshift 7. The area of a side of this cube is large enough to permit simulated observations with upcoming dark energy surveys. These dark energy surveys will allow an angular correlation analysis over the large scales necessary to measure the topology of reionization. We will present the forecasts on the number and angular distribution of LAEs we may detect depending on the universe’s neutral fraction.

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