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Radio Jets in the Galaxy NGC612

Presentation #138.17 in the session “AGN and Quasars 1”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Radio Jets in the Galaxy NGC612

We present optical integral field spectroscopy of NGC 612, a hybrid morphology radio galaxy (HyMoRS). My research group is exploring why this galaxy is producing one Fanaroff-Riley 1 and one Fanaroff-Riley 2 jet. We hypothesize that there may be some physical difference between the two sides of the galaxy to cause the differing formation of these jets. Our optical integral field spectroscopy enables us to probe various physical properties of the interstellar medium in the vicinity of each jet separately. We investigate the ionization processes through the BPT/VO87 emission line ratio diagnostic diagrams and find a mix of star formation and AGN ionization across both sides of the galaxy. We also compare the velocity dispersion of the ionized gas, the electron density probed by the [S II] ratio, and the dust extinction probed by the Balmer decrement. Finally, we look for signatures of shocked gas traced by a correlation between emission line ratio and velocity dispersion.

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