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Magellan Adaptive Optics Extreme (MagAO-X) Observer’s Web Tool

Presentation #139.05 in the session “Ground-based Optical Instrumentation and Performance”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Magellan Adaptive Optics Extreme (MagAO-X) Observer’s Web Tool

When an observer requests time to conduct observations, the telescope and instrument must be set up to meet their needs. Erroneous target information can lead to poorly tuned instrumental settings, and this is especially true for complex adaptive optics (AO) observations. We have designed a tool that extracts and curates target information for a list of targets — as well as providing both the observer and telescope operator with observational planning tools. We present the first version of the MagAO-X Catalog Web Tool, an online tool designed to aid observers using the Magellan Extreme Adaptive Optics system (MagAO-X). MagAO-X is a new extreme AO system at the Magellan Clay Telescope, which began commissioning in Dec 2019. Our Web Tool is designed to collect information on the target stars by querying the SIMBAD and VIZIER astronomical databases, returning to the observer and operator a properly formatted Magellan Catalog Entry, a prediction for the counts per second of each object on the wavefront sensor, an airmass plot, and SEDs of all objects on the target list, with best fit stellar models overplotted. These tools will help streamline AO operations, and reduce delays in the observing process.

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