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Modeling Short GRBs as Structured Jets

Presentation #145.03 in the session “Gamma Ray Bursts”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Modeling Short GRBs as Structured Jets

We adopt a structured jet from a simulation of a short GRB, previously used to model the afterglow of GW170817 (Lazzati et al. 2018), and see if the same jet can be used to successfully model other short GRB afterglows. The afterglow of GW170817 has been successfully modeled as a structured, relativistic jet that is highly peaked towards the center, being viewed off-axis (e.g. Lazzati et al. 2018b, 2020, Mooley et al. 2018, Hajela et al. 2019). A large sample of Swift-detected short GRB afterglows were modeled by Fong et al. (2015) using a top-hat jet seen on-axis, with the energy and opening angle of the jet as free parameters. We attempt to fit the same observations using a fixed (structured) jet energy distribution, with the observer angle as a free parameter. This will allow us to determine if a single jet structure can explain all short GRBs, or if different short GRBs have fundamentally different jets.

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