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A Smaller and More Sensitive Gravitational Wave Detector

Presentation #146.02 in the session “Gravitational Waves and Multi-messenger Astronomy”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
A Smaller and More Sensitive Gravitational Wave Detector

Superluminal lasers are lasers with a group velocity faster than the vacuum speed of light. Such a laser exhibits negative dispersion and thus an extremely sensitive relation between its lasing frequency and the length of its optical cavity. A gravitational wave detector can be constructed by using two superluminal lasers and measuring the beat frequency between them that results when an incident gravitational wave causes a change in the cavity length. A detector built in this way would be significantly smaller than existing detectors and potentially have a much higher sensitivity. We are investigating the behavior of superluminal lasers for this application and the necessary parameters to realize the construction of the detector.

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