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Analyzing the Kinematic Structure of Sgr B2

Presentation #153.09 in the session “Molecular Clouds, HII Regions, Interstellar Medium”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Analyzing the Kinematic Structure of Sgr B2

My research shows the kinematic structure of the Sagittarius B2 cloud (Sgr B2) by mapping velocity of HC3N across the Sgr B2M region. The kinematic structure of this region can provide further insight into star formation in the Central Molecular Zone (CMZ). Having an improved understanding of velocities in this Sgr B2 will allow for further research into the conditions under which pre-stellar cores are formed in molecular clouds and how velocity plays a role in the star formation threshold of a region. The velocity mapping is done using SCOUSE, a semi automated multi-component Gaussian fitting program, on ALMA observations with a velocity resolution of ~0.8 km s-1. Once a small amount of the data is manually fit, SCOUSE then fits each of the remaining spectra and assigns the peak of the fit as the velocity for that portion of gas. Peak velocities are then assigned to their corresponding coordinate location on the data cube, producing a full velocity map of the region observed. Clear kinematic structure is shown in the maps produced thus far. Analyzing this structure is the next step in determining the role of kinematics in star formation.

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