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The Meaning of the Fine Structure and Cosmological Constants. Introducing the use of Structural or Spacetime Units.

Presentation #154.09 in the session “Cosmology and Large Scale Structures”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
The Meaning of the Fine Structure and Cosmological Constants. Introducing the use of Structural or Spacetime Units.

In the last AAS236 meeting, we presented our work trying to describe the motion of a photon within the Spacetime Structure, the objective of this second Iposter is to extend these new concepts to other fields of Physics and Cosmology, as well as previously describing the process to arrive to the four premises, that were introduced as the basis for the calculations carried out:

1. The Spacetime is quantized in energy linked equidistant vertices, separated the Compton electron wavelength and frequency in Space and Time (X, Y, Z, t), forming the fourth dimensions described by Relativity, acquiring the following values ​​λce = 2.42 * 10-12 m. and tce = 8.09 * 10-21 s. or fce = 1.236 * 1020 s-1.

2. Therefore, the SpaceTime would be an omnitensional Structure with the capability to hold the energy and mass, allowing atoms and photons quantized movement from vertex to vertex. The SpaceTime curvature would be produced by an angle change between Structural vertices.

3. The number 137.035 known as the Fine Structure Constant, would be related to the same SpaceTime Structure.

4. Our Physics could be translated to what we call, Structural or SpaceTime units, where eliminated the arbitrariness of our System of units (S.I.), would arise the connections between the different Universal Constants and a more clear vision of the equations found.

In the first part, the meanings of the Cosmological and Fine Structure Constants, necessary to arrive to the four premises, will be proposed. Next, the translation of our International System of Units to this new frame of reference will be explained in detail, checking their equivalence. Once the translation is done, we will face several open questions in current Physics through this new point of view, such as the concepts of mass and energy, the Big Bang, Entropy, the Dirac / Eddington Hypothesis of Large Numbers or the relationship between the different Natural Constants, among others. The objective of this study is to try to offer a new tool, in order to better understand the Universe that surrounds us.

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