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Identifying New Members of the Jhelum Stellar Stream

Presentation #154.10 in the session “Cosmology and Large Scale Structures”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Identifying New Members of the Jhelum Stellar Stream

Studying the chemodynamical properties of stellar streams is vital for galactic archaeology. The Jhelum stellar stream was recently discovered in the Dark Energy Survey and is approximately 13 kpc away. Using APOGEE-2 and Gaia DR2, we identify potential new members of the Jhelum stream. The proper motions in coordinates along the Jhelum stream are used to isolate Jhelum stars, and the locations of the stars in phase space and their orbits allow us to further refine Jhelum membership as well as detect any contamination from Gaia-Enceladus-Sausage stars. From the chemical abundances, the nature of the progenitor of the Jhelum stream can be inferred. We present the discovery of one new member of Jhelum and show a comparison of Jhelum with Gaia-Enceladus-Sausage stars.

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