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Study of the extended radio emission in thegalaxy cluster MS 0735.6+7421

Presentation #154.13 in the session “Cosmology and Large Scale Structures”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Study of the extended radio emission in thegalaxy cluster MS 0735.6+7421

In the past several decades, detailed multi-wavelength studies of galaxy clusters have changed our understanding of the role of supermassive black holes on the evolution of cluster environments. MS0735.6+7421 (z = 0.216) is a massive galaxy cluster that shows evidence of extremely powerful active central supermassive black hole. It has been previously demonstrated to contain the largest known cavity structures in the X-ray wavelengths. These cavities are believed to result from the interaction of the black hole jets with the cluster hot gas. The black hole jets are filled with relativistic electrons that emit in the radio-wavelengths due to synchrotron emission and so, it is possible to better constrain the involved phenomena by imaging the cluster in the radio wavelength. For this study, we have acquired Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (JVLA) radio data of the cluster (5 hours of L-band C configuration and 5 hours of P-band C configuration) that offers better sensitivity and allows to image deeper radio emission than before. The new observations hint at previously undetected diffuse radio structures that will hopefully inform us about the cluster evolution dynamics.

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