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PHANGS-ALMA: Cloud Scale CO 2-1 Imaging of 90 Galaxies

Presentation #208.03 in the session “Star Formation on Galactic Scales”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
PHANGS-ALMA: Cloud Scale CO 2-1 Imaging of 90 Galaxies

We present the PHANGS-ALMA survey, a CO 2-1 spectroscopic imaging survey of 90 galaxies. PHANGS-ALMA combines an ALMA Large Program, a suite of smaller programs, and analysis of matched archival data. The result is cloud-scale (< 150 pc, median 100 pc x 2.5 km/s) spectroscopic imaging of the area of active star formation in a representative sample of nearby galaxies. A resolution element for PHANGS-ALMA corresponds to a typical star-forming giant molecular cloud, allowing PHANGS-ALMA to capture the demographics and life cycle of molecular clouds across the full star-forming main sequence. We will briefly describe the core science goals, observing strategy, data processing, and public release for the program and then mention some of the published results and links to other PHANGS surveys.

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