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X-Ray-to-Radio Offset Inference from Low-Count X-Ray Jets

Presentation #209.05 in the session “AGN and Quasars 2”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
X-Ray-to-Radio Offset Inference from Low-Count X-Ray Jets

The nature of X-ray emission from the jets of Active Galactic Nuclei remains one of the actively debated topics in the community. The two leading interpretations predict diverging jet powers that is fed into the host galaxy and cluster. The situation is further complicated by the observed X-ray-to-radio positional offsets in these jets. Almost all of the observed positional offsets are discovered in deep (high-count) Chandra observations mainly with X-rays peaking before the radio. We report new offsets in 15 of the 22 analysed low-count Chandra observations using Low-Count Image Reconstruction Algorithm (LIRA). This algorithm allowed us to account for effects such as Poisson fluctuations and emission from nearby bright point sources, which have previously precluded inferring offsets from low-count observations. In 9 sources the X-rays peak before the radio thereby questioning the applicability of one-zone models. We also find a loose trend of increasing offset and decreasing X-ray-to-radio flux ratio with distance from core.

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