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The Hawaii Two-0 Twenty Square Degree Survey

Presentation #215.05 in the session “Galaxies and Environment”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
The Hawaii Two-0 Twenty Square Degree Survey

The Hawaii Two-0 (H20) twenty square-degree survey is an ultradeep (AB mag ≤ 27.5) survey combining Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam and Spitzer Space Telescope imaging with Keck DEIMOS spectroscopy over the North Ecliptic Pole and Euclid Deep Field Fornax. The unique combination of optical and infrared imaging over such an enormous cosmic volume (roughly a cubic gigaparsec) enables a variety of science endeavors which will collectively push beyond the forefront of extragalactic astronomy. The immediate aims of the survey include three science goals: 1) Characterize the evolution of the galaxy stellar mass function, the comoving number density of galaxies as a function of stellar mass, from 3 < z < 7 to the greatest precision to date; 2) Measure the galaxy stellar-to-halo mass relationship across several orders of magnitude of galaxy halo mass at z > 3 for the first time; and 3) Search for and describe a statistically significant number of quiescent galaxies at high-z, which will include some of the first galaxies to cease their star formation. Here we present an overview of the survey as well as methodology employed for measuring photometry and modeling the spectral energy distributions of galaxies in the H20 fields.

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