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Is the six planet system HD34445 real?.

Presentation #217.03 in the session “Exoplanets 2”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Is the six planet system HD34445 real?.

In 2010, a planet was discovered orbiting the star HD34445. A few years later, five more planets were found to orbit the same star. The orbital solution fitted to the radial velocity data revealed a rather dense planetary system with some of its planets having separations of fractions of an au and minimum masses ranging from Neptune to sub-Jupiter ones. Such a configuration raises concerns of whether it can be dynamically stable and eventually, the existence of the system itself may be in question. In this work we investigate whether such concerns can be substantiated. By means of numerical simulations, the dynamical stability of the system is tested on different timescales. We carry out a series of numerical experiments, where the orbital elements and masses of the system are varied within the error ranges provided. We find that for a large area of the parameter space we can produce stable configurations and therefore conclude it is very likely that the HD34445 planetary system is real. Some discussion about the potential habitability of the system is also done.

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