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Outflow feedback from low-mass protostars

Presentation #223.04 in the session “Assessing the Impact of Stellar Feedback”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Outflow feedback from low-mass protostars

Jets and winds from young stars are among the most prominent signposts of star formation. Protostellar winds originate within a few au (or less) of the forming star and may reach linear sizes of a few parsecs. As they travel through the circumstellar envelope, the surrounding core and host cloud, they push and accelerate the ambient gas, thereby injecting energy and momentum into their surroundings at various size and density scales. This has considerable impact on the dynamics, distribution, and chemical composition of the gas in the star-forming environment, and also helps decrease the star formation efficiency of the region. I will show recent millimeter interferometer (ALMA and SMA) observations of low- and intermediate-mass protostars at different evolutionary stages that reveal how outflows interact with their circumstellar environment (within a few 100 to a few 1000 au of the forming star), and discuss how outflows influence the star formation process.

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