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A UV Absorption Survey of the Fermi Bubbles

Presentation #227.05 in the session “The Milky Way, The Galactic Center 3”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
A UV Absorption Survey of the Fermi Bubbles

The Fermi Bubbles are an example of nuclear feedback in the Milky Way. These two plasma bubbles likely formed in the past few Myr due to an outburst from Sagittarius A* and have each reached an extent of ~10 kpc from the Galactic center. Understanding the Fermi Bubbles and their effect on the Milky Way requires careful measurements of their kinematics and chemical abundances. We characterize the kinematics and composition of the Fermi Bubbles in both Galactic latitude and longitude by combining previous UV studies drawn primarily from Hubble/COS spectra, including five new low-latitude pointings. Additionally, we compare these results to Galactic center atomic hydrogen emission associated with the nuclear outflow to give us a more complete picture of the multiphase gas flows and their impact on the Galaxy.

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