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Emission Lines from Superwinds of Super Star Clusters

Presentation #228.04 in the session “Elliptical and Starburst Galaxies”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Emission Lines from Superwinds of Super Star Clusters

Thermal and radiation feedback from young massive stars in super star clusters contributes to the formation of superwinds and superbubbles associated with giant extragalactic HII regions. We use the MAIHEM non-equilibrium ionization and cooling (modified FLASH) hydrodynamic code to explore how ambient density, mass-loss rate, metallicity, and outflow velocity can affect the suppression of superwinds and occurrence of catastrophic cooling. To predict optical and UV emission lines, we apply the CLOUDY photoionization code to the physical conditions produced by our hydrodynamic simulations, and obtain the emission-line flux ratios for BPT and UV diagnostic diagrams. Our results could be useful for characterizing catastrophic cooling regions in extreme starbursts like the nearby Green Peas and distant star-forming galaxies.

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