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The NGC 1275 High Velocity System: The Verging Merge

Presentation #307.06 in the session “The Intracluster Medium in Galaxy Clusters”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
The NGC 1275 High Velocity System: The Verging Merge

In roughly 30-40 million years, the High Velocity System (HVS) of NGC 1275 will complete its collapse into the center of the Perseus cluster. As part of this infalling process, streams of dust and gas have been severed from the center of HVS. Our area of focus is the properties of these filaments. We combined new velocity measurements of one filament with data in the literature with estimates of gas masses from dark nebulae to gain insights into the properties of the HVS. The results concur with previous studies in finding that the HVS is an infalling spiral galaxy that has become a tidally-stripped “jellyfish” system. This work was supported by the National Science Foundation’s REU program in Astrophysics through NSF award AST-1852136.

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