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Shock Interaction/Breakout Explorer (SIBEX)

Presentation #315.03 in the session “The Promise of New Technology for High Energy Astrophysics”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Shock Interaction/Breakout Explorer (SIBEX)

We are performing a concept and feasibility study for a future mission that would perform wide-field X-ray imaging and localization, coupled with rapid far-UV follow-up, in order to probe the earliest manifestations of transient astrophysical events. Some of these transient sources include the shock breakout (SBO) of core-collapse supernovae, shock interaction of Type Ia SNe with a companion, electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave sources (e.g., kilonovae), tidal disruption events, cataclysmic variables, X-ray transients, and flaring from exoplanet host stars. We discuss the science objectives of the mission in the context of electromagnetic and multi-messenger astrophysics, as well as the overall mission concept and corresponding instrumentation.

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