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The HI angular momentum mass relation

Presentation #326.05 in the session “Kinematics of Galaxies”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
The HI angular momentum mass relation

We present first results from the Survey of HI REsolved Galaxies (SHREG). SHREG is an archival survey to assemble resolved observations of the atomic gas (HI) of a large sample of nearby galaxies. Based on these HI data cubes, the kinematics and rotation curves of the sample galaxies are modelled consistently across the entire sample with tilted ring models. Combined with auxiliary data from near-infrared and optical surveys, this data set allows to measure the stellar, HI and baryonic specific angular momentum for all sample galaxies. We investigate the specific angular momentum - mass relations for stars, HI and baryons simultaneously. First results show a HI specific angular momentum - mass relation with a relatively large scatter, which is surprising given the tight baryonic Tully-Fischer relation and tight HI mass-size relation and we will discuss the implication of this relation and its scatter. Furthermore, we aim to compare and correlate HI specific angular momentum (as an indicator for the current halo spin), with stellar specific angular momentum, (as an indicator of the average past halo spin). This will inform of the effect of angular momentum on galaxy evolution and the angular momentum evolution from the time of star formation to today.

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