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The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

Presentation #327.01 in the session “The Nancy Grace Roman Telescope”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope is a NASA space mission in development for launch in the mid 2020s. It has a 2.4 m telescope, wide-field IR instrument operating in the 0.48 - 2.0 micron range and an exoplanet imaging coronagraph instrument operating in the 400 - 1000 nm range. With a wide field of view of 0.28 sq deg, excellent sensitivity and infrared bandpass, Roman will provide unique opportunities for cosmology, exoplanet studies and a wide range of astrophysics from its near-IR surveys. In this presentation we will describe the capabilities and potential science return from the Roman Space Telescope

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