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Investigating the Characteristics of CN Stars

Presentation #330.03 in the session “Stellar Abundances and Ages”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Investigating the Characteristics of CN Stars

In the Michigan Spectral Catalogue, Nancy Houk provided a pseudo-luminosity classification to late-type stars that showed “noticeably weak or strong CN” from the other luminosity classification features. These stars are understudied in the contemporary scientific literature. Using an amalgamated dataset of the Gaia DR2 results, Tycho magnitudes, and Michigan Spectral Catalogue classifications (for homogeneity), we have performed a simultaneous examination of the average absolute magnitudes, distances, radii, temperatures, and galactic coordinates for the CN counterparts to the G8 III, K0 III, K1 III, K2 III, and K3 III stars with increased precision and resolution. Also, a k-means clustering algorithm has been used to identify trends in galactic locations. The results from our analyses have been visualized. These results will lead to further investigations into the broader CN stellar populations, including differences in evolution and distances.

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