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How Universal is the Universal R-Process Pattern?

Presentation #330.04 in the session “Stellar Abundances and Ages”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
How Universal is the Universal R-Process Pattern?

The rapid neutron-capture (r-)process, is responsible for the creation of about half the elements heavier than iron in the Universe. However, the nature and astrophysical site of the r-process is still strongly debated. For metal-poor stars enhanced in r-process elements ([Eu/Fe] > 0.3), a very robust (universal) abundance pattern has been detected for the elements from Ba to Hf, matching that of the Solar system r-process abundance pattern. This project uses spectral synthesis to determine the abundance of neutron-capture elements in a sample of metal-poor stars not enhanced in Europium ([Eu/Fe] < 0.3), to determine if this universal r-process abundance pattern extends to this group of stars and further characterize the production of neutron-capture elements in the early Universe. Answering the question how universal is the universal r-process pattern?

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