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High sensitivity EVN+Arecibo observations of dual AGN

Presentation #331.02 in the session “AGN 1”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
High sensitivity EVN+Arecibo observations of dual AGN

We present high sensitivity, high resolution 1.6 GHz European VLBI Network+Arecibo observations of four nearby dual AGN (Mrk 739, Mrk 463, NGC6921, UGC832 NED02) with nuclear pair separations of less than 10 kpc. These new observations together with archival data will be used to understand kpc-to-pc-scale structural and spectral variations of each nucleus at different stages of galaxy merging. We are using archival optical Gemini data and studying the alignment and/or misalignment of kpc-scale optical emission with the central radio emission. This is essential to understand the effect of dual AGN feedback on the central regions of the host galaxy.

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