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New Features of PINT, A Modern Pulsar timing software

Presentation #335.07 in the session “The Next Decade Of Nanohertz Gravitational-wave Astrophysics with Pulsar-Timing Arrays”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
New Features of PINT, A Modern Pulsar timing software

Over the past few decades, the measurement precision of some pulsar-timing experiments has advanced from ~10us to ~10ns, revealing many subtle phenomena. Such high precision demands both careful data handling and sophisticated timing models to avoid systematic error. The PINT (PINT Is Not Tempo3), software package provides a high-precision Python-based pulsar timing data analysis package, which can be obtained from PINT has contributed to difference timing projects and started a user community. Due to its modulized and object-oriented design and the modern maintenance scheme, new features were added to the package by the developer and the users in the past year. In this poster, we introduce the new features and new use cases of PINT.

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