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Local Seyfert AGN: Molecular and Ionized Gas within the Central Kiloparsec

Presentation #337.07 in the session “AGN and Quasars 2”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Local Seyfert AGN: Molecular and Ionized Gas within the Central Kiloparsec

In an effort to robustly characterize the Seyfert circumnuclear region over a meaningful range of AGN and host galaxies properties we are creating a database of all available near-IR integral field observations of local, z < 0.04, AGN. Based on an initial compilation of archival K-band observations probing the central kiloparsec down to scales of tens of parsecs, an analysis is presented of the circumnuclear molecular hydrogen, traced by H2 2.12 micron, and ionized gas, traced by [Si VI] 1.96 micron. In comparison to the warm molecular gas, which is dominate by disk rotation with relatively low velocity dispersion, the ionized gas is more centrally concentrated with higher velocity dispersion suggestive of outflows. In addition, the [Si VI] velocity dispersion tends to be higher in Seyfert type 1s compared to type 2s with no such subsample difference found in the molecular gas component. These circumnuclear properties will be discussed in the context of the over three orders of magnitude AGN hard X-ray and K-band luminosities spanned by the sample. Ultimately the compiled database will consist of approximately 100 local AGN for which the distribution and kinematics of the circumnuclear molecular and ionized gas, as well as stars, are mapped within the central kiloparsec.

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