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Monitoring Period and Phase Changes in X Cygni

Presentation #343.09 in the session “Milky Way & Galactic Center”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Monitoring Period and Phase Changes in X Cygni

As part of a spectroscopic observing program a large sample of spectra where obtained for the Cepheid variable X Cygni. This data set covered approximately eleven years. The data was used to determine spectrophotometric values for an Hα and Hβ index and this data was phased. In late 2013 there is an apparent shift in the data both in phase and value. To determine if there was an actual phase shift in the pulsation cycles, data from the AAVSO archive was examined. The only data with sufficient coverage to determine times of maximum light were the visual observations. These were used to examine the existence of a phase shift or jump. The results of this analysis will be presented.

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