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Stellar Companions of TESS Exoplanet Host Stars

Presentation #344.01 in the session “Exoplanets 1”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Stellar Companions of TESS Exoplanet Host Stars

Stellar companions are found around roughly 50% of exoplanet host stars but are unresolved within the large TESS photometric aperture, causing the observed transits to be diluted and the derived planet radii to be underestimated. High resolution follow-up imaging is then needed to search and correct for hidden companions, so we obtained diffraction-limited speckle imaging of 360 exoplanet host stars from TESS using the Gemini 8.1m telescopes. We detected companions with angular separations less than 1" around 60 TOI systems, many of which have physical separations less than 100 AU and shorter orbital periods. We plan to monitor the motion of these companions in order to investigate the orbital demographics of exoplanet host binaries and whether the presence of a close companion suppresses planet formation.

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