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Hubble’s WFC3 in 2021

Presentation #350.05 in the session “Hubble Space Telescope Updates”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Hubble’s WFC3 in 2021

Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) is the workhorse instrument for HST, providing direct (staring) and scanning modes using filters and grisms, covering from the near-IR to near-UV. Installed during the most recent HST servicing mission in 2009, WFC3 has logged almost 300,000 observations resulting in exciting scientific discoveries over the past 11 years. We review the status of the instrument, including recent adjustments and updates to its calibration, technical capabilities, and performance, which may be of particular interest to proposers in Cycle 29 as well as observers with data in hand. UVIS zeropoint updates will be useful to GOs using data spread over multiple years.

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