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The Reflected Iron Line Emission from Warped Accretion Disks

Presentation #404.06 in the session “Black Holes; Spin and Accretion”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
The Reflected Iron Line Emission from Warped Accretion Disks

The fluorescent iron line is a powerful diagnostic of black hole systems, allowing us to measure values such as the spin parameter and disk inclination. These measurements become more complicated when the disk is warped, with the outer region no longer perpendicular to the spin axis. Such disk warping may occur in stellar mass black holes with a stellar companion due to a kick during the formative supernova, or in supermassive black holes due to galaxy mergers. Here, I present results simulating the full reflection spectrum of warped disks, including how the warp angle and radius effect the iron line profile. Due to the lack of axisymmetry, the shape of the profile is strongly affected by the azimuthal position of the observer. Fitting these synthetic profiles in xspec using the relxill library, I show that the spin and inclination can be under or overestimated and detail how we might obtain more accurate results for these systems.

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