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The Lasair Broker

Presentation #423.01 in the session “Community Alert Brokers: Lessons Learned”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
The Lasair Broker

I will describe the UK’s proposed broker for LSST, which we call Lasair. Within the UK’s proposed international DAC we propose to run a broker which will add scientific value to the LSST alerts. We will provide a cross-match to known star, galaxy, AGN, CV and photometric and spectroscopic redshift catalogues, and combing the early lightcurve evolution to provide a probable classification. Skymap matching with gravitational waves, gamma rays, and neutrinos will be provided (a dimensional tagging service). We will link with the 4MOST TiDES survey to provide DESC and TVS access to a magnitude limits spectroscopic survey of ~35,000 live transients an 90,000 host galaxy redshifts. We propose to do all of this through Lasair, providing a public database and streams to users.

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