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No Hosts Allowed! Reexamining RM AGN SEDs

Presentation #426.03 in the session “AGN 2”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
No Hosts Allowed! Reexamining RM AGN SEDs

We are reexamining the near-IR to X-ray spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of 27 AGN with reverberation mapped (RM) black hole mass measurements. To improve on previous studies, this set of SEDs consists of simultaneous optical/UV/X-ray data taken by XMM-Newton and is supplemented by ground-based near-IR data to better constrain the red tail of the SEDs. Additionally, two-dimensional image decompositions of high resolution HST images, combined with galaxy SED templates, allow us to estimate and remove the host galaxy contribution and focus the SEDs on the intrinsic AGN flux from the near-IR to the X-rays. Understanding how the central engines of AGN contribute to the shape of SEDs informs us on the physical processes occurring in these systems. By removing host contribution and broadening the wavelength range we improve on previous works and will better constrain the SED shape, allowing for more accurate measurements of bolometric luminosities and accretion rates of the well-studied RM AGN.

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