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Toward a Consistent Model of the Galactic Non-Thermal Interstellar Emission from MHz to TeV

Presentation #439.01 in the session “Relativistic Astrophysics”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Toward a Consistent Model of the Galactic Non-Thermal Interstellar Emission from MHz to TeV

The non-thermal interstellar emission of our Galaxy is mainly produced by cosmic rays propagating and interacting with gas, photons, and magnetic fields in the interstellar medium. This emission spans the entire electromagnetic spectrum from radio, microwaves and x-ray, to very-high gamma rays.

On one side, this emission provides a useful tool to study cosmic rays, magnetic fields, and the interstellar medium in various places of the Galaxy; on the other side, it is a confusing foreground/background for other studies.

Disentangling this emission from other components and gaining information on cosmic rays and magnetic fields are very challenging tasks at all frequencies.

To tackle these issues our method combines the various multi-frequency observations of the interstellar emission and latest cosmic-ray direct measurements with propagation models.

We present updates toward the realization of a consistent model of the interstellar emission from radio to gamma rays with the aim of unveiling cosmic-ray properties throughout the Galaxy, their propagation, and large-scale Galactic magnetic fields.

This continuous effort will have fundamental impacts on accessing important cosmological and astrophysical discoveries. Apart from interpreting present observations from Fermi LAT, Planck and radio surveys, this model will provide valuable information on Galactic foregrounds for C-BASS, SKA, QUIJOTE, LiteBIRD in radio and microwave frequencies, and also for AMEGO, GECCO, CTA, HAWC, and SWGO at gamma energies.

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