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SN Cosmology from the Dark Energy Survey

Presentation #501.06 in the session “Dark Energy Survey: New Results and Public Data Release 2”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
SN Cosmology from the Dark Energy Survey

The Dark Energy Survey supernova (SN) sample is the largest and deepest SN sample to date. It includes ~2000 photometrically identified SNe Ia with high quality multi-band light curves and spectroscopic redshifts. With a redshift range spanning up to 1.2 and a well-modelled selection function, this SN sample constitutes an ideal dataset for cosmological analysis.

We give an overview of the current status of the cosmological analysis of the DES SN sample. We focus on assessing the impact of different sources of systematic uncertainties such as core-collapse SN contamination, photometric calibration, uncertainties in modelling SN Ia intrinsic scatter and correlations between SNe Ia properties and their host galaxies. We present preliminary blinded cosmological results and show how constraints on the Dark Energy equation of state can be improved using the DES SN sample combined with other publicly available low-z SN samples.

Besides SN Ia cosmology, the DES SN sample constitutes a unique window on the medium-redshift transient Universe and we show how this dataset is helping to further improve our understanding of various populations of transients such as extreme core collapse SNe, peculiar SNe Ia, rapidly evolving transients, Super Luminous SNe and Tidal Disruption Events.

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