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Galaxy Evolution

Presentation #502.04 in the session “The Prime Focus Spectrograph”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Galaxy Evolution

I will discuss the planned Galaxy Evolution Survey as part of the Prime Focus Spectrograph Subaru Strategic Program. The Prime Focus Spectrograph will have a 1.3 deg. sq. and the 2400 fibers cover 0.38-1.26 microns, for an unprecedented combination of multiplexing and spectral coverage. The Galaxy Evolution survey aims to connect galaxy evolution with the evolving cosmic web with three main components: a continuum selected sample at z~1.5, the peak of cosmic starformation in the Universe, an IGM tomography study of gas at z~2, and a study of early galaxies with a combination of Lyman alpha emitters and drop-out galaxies to z~7. I will discuss the survey design and some of the additional ways PFS will be an exciting survey instrument in the 2020s for galaxy studies.

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