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Chandra Observations of the Type Ia SNR N103B

Presentation #507.07 in the session “Planetary Nebulae, Supernova Remnants”.

Published onJan 11, 2021
Chandra Observations of the Type Ia SNR N103B

Type Ia Supernovae have played a vital role in our understanding of the cosmos. Despite this importance their specific origins as single degenerate or double degenerate systems remains unclear. N103B is the remnant of a Type Ia supernova located in the LMC and is the only other Ia supernova remnant (SNR) besides Kepler’s which shows evidence of interaction with dense circumstellar material (CSM) long after the explosion. We present an imaging study using Chandra X-ray observations which locates the distribution of CSM and its separation from the distribution of ejecta products. The presence of O and Mg appear most significant in a ring tracing the outer edge of the remnant. This agrees with dust observations with Spitzer and is consistent with swept up material, while the intermediate mass elements Si through Ca appear evenly distributed throughout the interior. Fe and Cr locations correlate and appear most significant near the remnant center.

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